About the Project


A collective of like-minded Trusts dedicated to providing Christian education, led by the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust, will develop a network of non-denominational, state integrated, co-educational, Christian schools providing pathways for students to Year 13 with 4000 students across 6 sites by 2050.


The Wellington Christian Education Trust has been carrying the vision for Wellington for over a decade. It partners with the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (Proprietor with 8 schools mostly in the Northern Part of the North Island) more recently with the idea that NZCPT be the Proprietor of any new school. NZCPT is highly experienced in Christian education and has an excellent working relationship with the Ministry of Education.

Also involved in this project are the Christian School's Trust (Proprietor to Middleton Grange School, Ashburton Christian School, Rolleston Christian School and Aidanfield Christian School along with two Early Childhood Centres - Cornerstone in Canterbury, the Christian Education Trust (Bethlehem College - Tauranga & Rotorua) and the Peniel Trust (Proprietor of Miramar Christian School in Wellington).


This project seeks to provide greater accessibility to Christian education for parents in Wellington with a particular emphasis on secondary education. The collective of Trusts have the support of the Ministry of Education for their work. Maranatha Christian School are aware of, and are supportive of the project. Further market research has been undertaken in the first half of 2021. Mark Larson (Project Manager) is charged with developing a 50 year vision for a network of Christian Schools in the greater Wellington area which will include an educational blueprint for the schools and possible locations and sizes.

Click here to see Mark speaking about the project.

Miramar Christian School wish to be part of an ongoing larger school which we hope will go to Year 13 and will be open, God willing, in 2023. The future of the current Miramar site and any new site are under consideration.


  1. 2021-2023 Establish Miramar Christian School (with a new name) as a year 1 to 13 school with a maximum roll of 300-400 on a site or sites yet to be determined.

  2. Grow the maximum roll of this school.

  • Explore opportunities to establish new sites in the Johnsonville corridor, Upper Hutt, South Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.

3. The expanded Miramar Christian School (new name) will grow to between 600 plus students. The network will grow to at least 5 schools with 3000 students.